Working Principle of Solar Power Inverters

Today the uses of alternative form of energy like using of solar products are becoming popular due to the irrespective of high prices charging for the electricity. But many people still need to get aware of this renewable source of energy and the products that utilize the resource. Dr. Solar, the Solar Power Inverter Manufacturers in Bangalore explains the working principle of solar inverters.

What is Solar Power Inverter?

It is an equipment that utilize the renewable source of energy i.e. sun to generate electricity by converting the variable direct current output of a photovoltaic solar panels into a frequency alternative current. The power generated can be fed into a commercial electric grid or off-grid electric network.

Before knowing the working principle, usually the Solar Power Inverter Manufacturers in Bangalore manufactures three kinds of inverters.

  • Stand Alone Inverters
  • Grid-Tie Inverters
  • Battery Backup Inverters

Stand alone inverters are those that are usually used in isolated system where it draws the direct current from the batteries that are charged by the PV arrays.

Grid tie inverters are those that match the phase of a utility supplied sine wave and they are designed to shut down when the supply cuts off.

Solar Power Inverter Manufacturers in Bangalore

Battery Backup inverters are those which draw the energy from the battery and export the extra energy to the utility grid.

Principle of Operation:

The solar inverter works by taking the energy form PV array. This energy will be in direct current form and that is converted to alternative current form. This process will be done by using a set of solid devices that includes MOSFET, IGBT and SCR. With the H-Bridge arrangement these devices perform back and forth flipping operation and result in conversion of DC to AC.

Dr. Solar is one of the leading Solar Power Inverter Manufacturers in Bangalore gives the solar products for the customers based on their requirements. We are certified company with latest advancement in technology.

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Dr.Solar has been at the forefront in leading the technologies that are driven by Solar Energy. We manufacture Solar based products for human use that provide an environmentally adhering standards and processes of operations.

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