The New Challenge for Solar Power Inverter Manufacturers

As you know the size and cost of solar inverters are a little bit large and high. It takes more space to install and need to invest more on the device. To overcome this, in the collaboration of some of the top companies and institutes the competition has been announced in Bangalore. The challenge is, need to build a cost effective and small size Solar Power Inverter for Home in Bangalore. In the mean time the efficiency of the device should not decrease but it can improve.

Solar Power Inverter for Home in Bangalore

The criteria of the challenge are to create an inverter which can have enough power density that can convert 50 watts of direct current to alternative current. But, the size of the device must be square inch. This will reduce the size nearly by one foot. So, the device will shrink to the size of a laptop from previous home scale power inverter.

To take part in the challenge many manufacturing companies from Bangalore and from all over India has been in Bangalore. The organizers also announced that the challenge is having a price for the winners. The researches will test the finalist products under certain circumstances. After series of test operations the organizers will announce the winners of the challenge.

This innovative challenge will help to bring down new ideas. It also helps in sharing of new technology. Above all, the new kind of solar inverters will emerge and it will be cost effective and space efficiency. Then the era of Solar Power Inverter for Home in Bangalore will happen and it spreads across the world. These kinds will help for both homes and businesses. Everyone will show interest on this as anybody can invest on these devices.

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