Solar Power Backup for Home

In India there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of electricity. As a result, there is a frequent power cuts. You also experienced this if you are a resident of India. This affects your daily routine. Think that what if you have a backup power system and that too without paying single penny from your pocket. Yes, go for Solar Power Backup for Home. This will help you to provide continuous electric supply at free of cost.

Solar Power Backup for Home

For today’s way of life an emergency backup system is very necessary. Apart from our home needs, people use to work from home now a day. For this electric supply is very essential. But power outage makes you irritate and it may cost your work. If you have solar system in your home you can easily do your work.

The main components of backup system are solar panels and inverter. The battery requirement depends on the type of the system. The working process of this system is very simple. The sun’s energy acts as fuel. The purpose of this is to generate the electricity. The generation of electricity happens when the rays of the sun falls on the solar panels, the cells that are in the panels will absorb the solar energy and convert that energy in to electrical energy. Then with the help of the inverter the electricity of DC form will be converted to AC form. As the sun is a free source you can generate the electricity on your own.

Now you can figure out what are the advantages of having Solar Power Backup for Home. You will get an uninterrupted power supply. You can be proud that you are not dependent on the conventional electric supply, as you are using electricity of your own. Next you are generating the electrical energy with no expenses. You can save a lot of money and can lower your financial burden if you are an average earning person. Finally, you have a pride that you are contributing to the environment by going green energy.

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Solar Solutions for Home

In order to get the best results in your monthly utility bills of your home it is better to go for Solar Solutions for Home. This will save your money as well as helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Before going for solar solutions you need to be very clear in your requirement like if you want the energy only for lighting system or require only for using home appliances or require the energy for the entire home.

Solar Solutions for Home

Every human being needs to remember that considering all the potential sources of energy, the solar energy is the most abundant and most efficient source. With this you can able to generate the clean energy for your house.

There are different kinds of solutions you can get for your home.

Solar Inverters: These are the home appliance that is used to convert DC power to AC power. Since most of the home appliances is compatible with the alternative current. These inverters are connected to the solar panels and it is used to transform the sun’s energy into electricity. As it supplies the electricity, whenever there is a cut in the power supply, this will help to provide the continuous power supply for your house.

Solar Water Pumps: It is used to extract or to supply the water for your home tanks. The pump gets the electricity through the panels that are connected to it. As you panels are used to generate the electricity.

Solar Lighting System: This will help your home to glow continuously i.e. this will help you to provide light for your house using the solar power.

Dr. Solar gives you the solar solutions for home with the above solutions. We help you to harness free energy and help you to reduce your monthly expenses. We provide the service according to your requirement. We assure you that you will get a high efficient product that yields good output.

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Solar Power Solutions for Colleges – Green Teaching

Energy savings was never a hot topic few years ago. There were only few concerned heads who were focusing on the alternatives to deal with the energy crisis. As the cost of energy increased, however, that focus started to change. People began looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce their monthly energy bills. As a result, solar energy became the wave of the future. It has grown much more than just being the power solutions for homes. Today we can witness the Solar power Solutions for Colleges, Industries , buildings  etc overall contributing in making this planet  a better place to live.

Dr. Solar has been an expert in providing Solar Power Solutions for Colleges, schools and Universities at the best price, and according to client’s requirement. The system life span of Dr. Solar is extra-ordinary and is expected to last for several decades with our high maintenance service offered timely.

Solar Power Solutions for Colleges

Solar Power Solutions for Colleges

These days modern equipments rule the education sector which contributes for the term “Smart education”. Obviously, one can imagine the power consumption in an University or a School or colleges based on the computers, projectors, and other appliances that it needs to run and function smoothly. Monthly utility bills usually come in Big number for the educational sectors. In case of power outages, these institutions must have a backup and that is usually done through fuel based Generators.

Now if you ask what is wrong with using Generators or  other Inverters ?

Usually Fuel based generators generate whole lot of noises and also the most important thing to consider is how much hazardous gases is being emitted to the atmosphere. The place where we educate the future generation on saving resources, saving planet earth etc, is actually contributing in ruining the planet with big number of Carbon footprint release. It is highly recommended to be practical and take steps that sets an example and model to carry out by the future generation.

By replacing diesel generators with the Solar power inverters, it not only contributes to the economic growth of the institutions but also would be a perfect example to live in a GREEN world.  Make use of the quality service and an abundant energy resource

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Solar Rooftop Solutions

Sun is one of the most abundant renewable sources of energy. Without the sun the life on earth is not possible. The climate, weather all depends on this source. Then why don’t humans not utilizing such kind of energy for the benefits of our kind and for the environment. If you are not sure about how to utilize the solar energy then Dr. Solar gives you the Solar Rooftop Solutions i.e. installing the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the buildings.

Solar Rooftop Solutions

This technology is not new, but it is not well used. This is because people are not well aware about this renewable energy and the second thing is it is also quite expensive. But today’s advanced technology helped to bring down the manufacturing cost and hence it also brings down the selling cost. So, people can buy this at affordable prices.

Coming to solar panels, it is normally placed on the roof of the building. This is because, sun rays can directly reflect on the panels. The main function of this device is to generate the electricity. The working process of this is very simple. When the sun rays strike the panel, the photovoltaic cells in the panel will absorb the sun’s energy and converts that it in to electric energy. This electric energy can be used for different purposes like lighting, heating and for the electricity supply.

There are certain things you need to know while installing the solar panel.

  • To get maximum energy placing the panels towards the south face is important. This is because you will get enough sunlight to generate the electricity.
  • You need to be aware of surroundings i.e. that your roof should not be shadowed by the trees or other buildings. It will minimize the energy production.
  • You also need to be aware of the quality of panels. Buy the efficient panels for the maximum output.

Going for Solar Rooftop Solutions have many advantages:

  • It helps to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere. So, it helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.
  • You can see the sudden change in your savings, as it cuts your electricity bills.
  • You will be proud that you are utilizing the electricity generated by your source.
  • You will be surprised that you are generating the electricity at free of cost.
  • You can also earn the money by selling the electricity to the utility grid companies.

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Solar UPS for Home

India is a sunshine country. The sun shines almost throughout the year. We need to utilize the solar energy in a significant way. The economy of the country is also growing good. So, the market for the solar industry has good scope in India. Many home owners are switching to solar energy. Business of manufacturing Solar UPS for Home has a viable scope here. The technological advancement has made this industry to give affordable and efficient solar power for a large sector of the society.

Solar UPS for Home

The solar business is going to be a great business for the growth of the economy of the country. It is also eco-friendly business, as it is going to impact in the reduction of the carbon dioxide. So, it helps in the reduction of global warming that is affecting the environment.

All over the world especially in the western countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, US and UK people are installing the solar UPS for their homes in large numbers. This is because, they are well aware of the technology. Also, the market for this industry has a strong place there. In India, people are now started to use the solar UPS. The awareness among the people is spreading. The scope for this in future is well and good.

There are many reasons to use Solar UPS for Home and that includes:

  • It is easy to install and the expert does not need to visit the house to make the installation correct.
  • Apart from the initial investment cost, it is most economical.
  • It improves your home energy efficiency.
  • The life of the UPS is more when compared to the other traditional one.
  • It yields you maximum output at low maintenance.
  • It produces the clean energy and hence it is an environmental friendly.

You can look out for many reputed companies like Dr. Solar to go for solar energy for your home. They provide the quality product that has good efficiency and performance rate.

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Solar Domestic Solutions

The unequal ratio of demand and supply of the power is the big challenge in most of the countries. The conventional mean of power generation is struggling in the production of the electricity as needed. This is because of the growing population and development in the economical needs in a faster pace. To overcome this challenge Dr. Solar come up with a solution and i.e. Solar Domestic Solutions. This will help to meet the requirements.

Solar Domestic Solutions

Giving the continuous power supply is now also unrealistic goal in many of the countries. Due to lack of awareness about renewable energy, becoming energy independent is also unrealistic goal. In order to make these real people need to know about this renewable energy. If people start to go for clean energy for the domestic purpose then there is a great chance to meet the goal of giving uninterrupted power supply, as it reduces the gap of demand and supply of electricity.

There are numerous ways to go domestically:

  • You can install solar inverters for your home. It will help you to provide continuous power supply by generating the electricity by utilizing the sun’s energy.
  • You can go for solar water pumps for the extraction of water to your home tanks. It will save a lot of energy.
  • You can go for solar lights in your home. These lights will glow by the electricity generated by solar panels by absorbing the energy of the sun.

Apart from these you can also use solar cookers to cook food instead of electric cookers. You can use solar heaters instead of boilers that consume a lot of electricity.

These Solar Domestic Solutions will reduce the prices on oil and coal. This green technology will help the environment by reducing the global warming. The advance technology is helping to bring down the system cost. So, a common man can invest on the solar energy.

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Solar Energy Suppliers in India

The transformation in the solar engineering has improved on time to time. The market for the solar industry also significantly changed and it is gaining its place in Indian market. Today, you can find many solar energy suppliers in India. There was a time the solar systems are very expensive and only big industries can invest on this. Now the time has changed. Thanks to the latest advanced technology and innovation in the engineering. This helped to reduce the investment cost. As a result, even a common man can also buy the solar system for the home.

Solar Energy Suppliers in India

Dr. Solar is a solar power company in India. We manufacture and supply the solar products. There was a time many companies was following the old traditional methods and technology. We revolutionized the solar technology. We adapted the new advanced technology in order to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels and in the mean time we decreased the cost on the modules. We mainly concentrate on removing extra space on the panels that doesn’t in the part of electricity production. We utilize the space between the cells to improve the efficiency and it will result in the reduction of electricity losses.

The company’s major products are hybrid inverter, water pumps and lighting system. All these products are manufactured and supplied to the customers. There is no particular area we give service. We cover all the areas of the society like residencies, offices, hospitals, educational institutes, industries, companies and agricultural area. We supply lighting system for all these sectors along with this we provide the system for street lights.

Due to the quality service today we are recognized as the best Solar Energy Suppliers in India. Day to day we advance our technology in order to leap forward in the solar industry market and to provide the service at lower cost for the customer. Our vision is that through our service everyone can able to utilize the solar energy.

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Solar Consultants in Bangalore

Right Time to get into the Business

The market for solar industry all around the world is opening. It is making a big impact on the economy of the country. In Bangalore also, the market for this industry is taking a viable place. So, it is perfect time to invest on Solar Energy. If you need suggestion and information then you can contact Dr. Solar Company, the solar consultants in Bangalore. In last few years the demand for solar energy is increased in such a way that the customer need to be in waiting list to install the system for their homes or for their business.

Solar Consultants in Bangalore

Valuable Suggestion

Dr. Solar will give you the real suggestion and guidance on the renewable energy for our customer. The customer comes with their requirement or with a question. We first understand their point of view. Then we will guide them what it is, how it works and what are the advantages. We don’t give unnecessary information and Suggestion like the investment on this very cheap, etc. We give them a real fact that the investment on the solar products is comparatively high, but it is coming down and average earning person can invest on this.

According the requirement of the customer, we analyze and create a blueprint of a plan. We explain them of every procedure we do. If they are ok with that we continue with the further process. Otherwise, we give them a new plan of action.

About Dr. Solar

Dr. Solar is finest solar consultants in Bangalore. We give consultation of solar energy for the customers. Along with that we manufacture and deliver the products and give the best service for the people. To get awareness about the renewable energy, we conduct seminars and energy audit. This will help the people to understand more about the alternative solutions.

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Experience the Benefit of Solar UPS in Bangalore

One day I was sitting ideal in my home in Bangalore doing nothing. There was no power also. Few minutes after I took one news paper and I keep on turning the pages and suddenly one topic hit my eyes. I read the full article and that is about the renewable energy. On that day I thought why we don’t use the renewable energy. I made some research on that and I came to know that it is quite expensive in terms of cost. That’s when I decided to give the people the quality solar products for affordable price. Then I established the Solar Company and started to manufacture the Solar UPS in Bangalore.

Solar UPS in Bangalore

Before taking that in to the market to check how it will useful, I installed the device in my home. What I experienced I got amazed of its output. Before installing the Solar UPS, I was getting the power bills minimum of 700 Rs per month and in summer it may reach up to 1500 Rs. After installing it nearly reduced to 300 Rs. Only when it is necessary I use the utility supply of electricity. Remaining time I use the solar energy. It also made me experience of I’m getting continuous power supply. So, there is no room for darkness.

By this I came to know that one will get financial benefit. Later I understood that if number of people starts to use the Solar Energy then there will be a significant result in the environmental damage control. At that moment I decided to manufacture in a big number and provide the quality service for the people.

The result of this is Dr. Solar. We revolutionized the solar engineering. The advanced technology helped us to give the products at reasonable cost for our customer. What we suggest people who are economically stable go for solar power. We give Solar UPS in Bangalore and also we give our service throughout India. We guide you, understand you and help you.

Go solar and experience the benefit from it.

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Solar Power Solutions – Easy Way to Conserve Energy

The climate change results in the escalating of temperature around the world. Intern this affect our monthly utility bills. As the temperature increases the use of air condition and fan also increases. As you know the air condition utilizes more energy. So, the consumption of electricity by different ways keeps on increasing and results in more utilization of fossil fuels. In India there is a huge gap between the production and the consumption of electricity. In order to conserve the energy going for solar power solutions in India is the best way.

Solar Power Solutions India

There are many solutions to conserve energy through solar power and that includes:

  • Hybrid Solar Inverters
  • Solar Lighting System
  • Solar Water Pumping System

By utilizing these we can conserve the energy and can reduce the environmental damage.

The Solar Inverters can be used in:

  • We can use for home and residential purpose.
  • We can use it for office and business purpose.
  • We can use it in companies and in organizations.
  • It can be used in schools, colleges and in universities.
  • It can also be used in Hospitals and for healthcare.

The solar lighting system can also be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The solar water pumps can be used for agricultural purpose and now a day it is widely used in urban areas also for the extraction of water from sumps to the tanks.

If you want a clear picture then you can take the suggestion of the Dr. Solar Company. We are commonly known as Solar Power Solutions India’s Company. We help you to save your money on utility bills and help to conserve the energy. By conserving the energy, our next generation can lead a clean life.

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