Solar Power Solutions for Colleges – Green Teaching

Energy savings was never a hot topic few years ago. There were only few concerned heads who were focusing on the alternatives to deal with the energy crisis. As the cost of energy increased, however, that focus started to change. People began looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce their monthly energy bills. As a result, solar energy became the wave of the future. It has grown much more than just being the power solutions for homes. Today we can witness the Solar power Solutions for Colleges, Industries , buildings  etc overall contributing in making this planet  a better place to live.

Dr. Solar has been an expert in providing Solar Power Solutions for Colleges, schools and Universities at the best price, and according to client’s requirement. The system life span of Dr. Solar is extra-ordinary and is expected to last for several decades with our high maintenance service offered timely.

Solar Power Solutions for Colleges

Solar Power Solutions for Colleges

These days modern equipments rule the education sector which contributes for the term “Smart education”. Obviously, one can imagine the power consumption in an University or a School or colleges based on the computers, projectors, and other appliances that it needs to run and function smoothly. Monthly utility bills usually come in Big number for the educational sectors. In case of power outages, these institutions must have a backup and that is usually done through fuel based Generators.

Now if you ask what is wrong with using Generators or  other Inverters ?

Usually Fuel based generators generate whole lot of noises and also the most important thing to consider is how much hazardous gases is being emitted to the atmosphere. The place where we educate the future generation on saving resources, saving planet earth etc, is actually contributing in ruining the planet with big number of Carbon footprint release. It is highly recommended to be practical and take steps that sets an example and model to carry out by the future generation.

By replacing diesel generators with the Solar power inverters, it not only contributes to the economic growth of the institutions but also would be a perfect example to live in a GREEN world.  Make use of the quality service and an abundant energy resource

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Dr.Solar has been at the forefront in leading the technologies that are driven by Solar Energy. We manufacture Solar based products for human use that provide an environmentally adhering standards and processes of operations.

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